Wedding Website

What Are the Benefits of a Wedding Website?

With our new technological age, couples no longer have to pack their invitations with information that guests may lose or misplace. A wedding website, while it is a little bit of work to get up and running, is very beneficial to you and your guests in many different ways. There are numerous things that having a wedding website will allow you to do that you would otherwise need to do manually, so there are many benefits to going through the process of setting one up. Here are a few things to consider if you’re on the fence.

Travel Options

If you are having out of town guests, you can include recommended hotels or ones your wedding guests will get a discount at. You may also suggest restaurants for those staying several days, and even different transportation options. You can usually get a much better price if you block out rooms for your wedding guests, plus it will ensure availability during busy seasons.

Share Your Registry

It is easy for guests to find your wedding registry on your website and since it is considered tacky when including the registry with an invitation, this is the best way to tell everyone about it. It may even save you some time on the phone explaining your registry location to everyone.

Introduce the Wedding Party

Not everyone attending the wedding will be acquainted with the people in your wedding party. On the website you can introduce every one of them with their name and a little bit about them, such as how you met. This will help familiarize your party with your guests.

Share Photos

Sharing photos before and after your wedding can be a huge hassle; even though social media has simplified it a great deal. The problem is that almost every one of your guests will have some good pictures on their phone to share, so having a wedding website will allow you to have a central place for everyone to share their photos. That way, if one of your guests snaps a great picture at your reception, you won’t have to spend a ton of time tracking down the photos.

Talk About One Another

Share a story about your partner or your plans for the future! Your guests will love to hear a story they may not have heard before and may want to know a little more about your future husband or wife. Just make sure to keep the stories wholesome, you wouldn’t want your grandmother hearing about you doing keg stands on a vacation!

As you can see, there are many opportunities and features that building a wedding website will open up for you. There are plenty of free places to get one setup quickly, so I suggest you take the extra time to get your very own wedding website setup and reap the benefits of the modern world.