Wedding Budget

Wedding Items That Are Completely Overpriced

Paying for a wedding is nearly always a large expense. However, some items needed for a wedding are pricier than others. There are usually cheaper alternatives if couples are willing to consider them.

One wedding item that is often overpriced is invitations. An alternative to this is for couples to create and print their own wedding invitations at home. Couples can either design their invitation themselves or purchase a software program that will help them put one together at home. Another option that some couples are willing to consider is sending digital wedding invitations, which also makes it easier for guests to RSVP.

Another wedding item than can often cost more than couples would like it to spend is a custom veil. While standard veils can be bought at wedding stores, some brides have caught on to the idea of finding a veil that they like and having a local seamstress creating it for them.

Table linens are an expensive item for most couples. The cost of renting one for each table can pile up rather quickly. An alternative to spending so much money renting them is to purchase table linens from a site such as eBay and then re-selling them after the wedding is over. This has the potential to save couples a significant amount of money and even let them at least partially recoup what they paid for them. For many money savvy couples this is a desirable option.

Since a wedding and reception can’t take place without a venue, this is an essential that can easily be overpriced; yet it doesn’t have to be. The best way a couple can avoid paying more for their venue than they would like is to have the wedding during the week. Most wedding venues will give couples a discount for doing so because the majority of weddings take place on weekend afternoons or evenings.

Flowers can also be an overpriced wedding item if a bride insists on choosing flowers that are out of season and/or not available locally. To save money on flowers most of the time a couple will either choose to use one they can readily obtain or purchase silk flowers instead, which look just like real flowers but are much cheaper.

Wedding dresses are often overpriced, causing some brides to spend more money on their dress than they can afford to spare from their budget. In fact, most brides agree that a new dress is one of the most common wedding items that aren’t worth their price at all. For more laid back brides, or those who are willing to make sacrifices to keep from overpaying, there is the option of borrowing a dress from a friend or family member or purchasing one from a local thrift shop. Brides that have their heart set on a brand new wedding dress can avoid overpaying by choosing a dress from the previous wedding season.

Couples want to purchase high quality items for their weddings without being overcharged. This is not only possible, but easy to do if couples are willing to make sacrifices to have an affordable wedding.