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Wedding Items That Are Completely Overpriced

Paying for a wedding is nearly always a large expense. However, some items needed for a wedding are pricier than others. There are usually cheaper alternatives if couples are willing to consider them.

One wedding item that is often overpriced is invitations. An alternative to this is for couples to create and print their own wedding invitations at home. Couples can either design their invitation themselves or purchase a software program that will help them put one together at home. Another option that some couples are willing to consider is sending digital wedding invitations, which also makes it easier for guests to RSVP.

Another wedding item than can often cost more than couples would like it to spend is a custom veil. While standard veils can be bought at wedding stores, some brides have caught on to the idea of finding a veil that they like and having a local seamstress creating it for them.

Table linens are an expensive item for most couples. The cost of renting one for each table can pile up rather quickly. An alternative to spending so much money renting them is to purchase table linens from a site such as eBay and then re-selling them after the wedding is over. This has the potential to save couples a significant amount of money and even let them at least partially recoup what they paid for them. For many money savvy couples this is a desirable option.

Since a wedding and reception can’t take place without a venue, this is an essential that can easily be overpriced; yet it doesn’t have to be. The best way a couple can avoid paying more for their venue than they would like is to have the wedding during the week. Most wedding venues will give couples a discount for doing so because the majority of weddings take place on weekend afternoons or evenings.

Flowers can also be an overpriced wedding item if a bride insists on choosing flowers that are out of season and/or not available locally. To save money on flowers most of the time a couple will either choose to use one they can readily obtain or purchase silk flowers instead, which look just like real flowers but are much cheaper.

Wedding dresses are often overpriced, causing some brides to spend more money on their dress than they can afford to spare from their budget. In fact, most brides agree that a new dress is one of the most common wedding items that aren’t worth their price at all. For more laid back brides, or those who are willing to make sacrifices to keep from overpaying, there is the option of borrowing a dress from a friend or family member or purchasing one from a local thrift shop. Brides that have their heart set on a brand new wedding dress can avoid overpaying by choosing a dress from the previous wedding season.

Couples want to purchase high quality items for their weddings without being overcharged. This is not only possible, but easy to do if couples are willing to make sacrifices to have an affordable wedding.

Summer Handbags for Any Event

With summer just around the corner, handbags are taking center stage on many women’s shopping agenda; including my own! Summer is the best time to diversify your handbag collection because there are so many color choices available, and there are also a large number of excuses to use them. There are simply more parties and events that take place in the summer, and when you stack that on top of the summer holidays you have a very eventful season.

When choosing an appropriate handbag for a specific event you need to make sure it embraces the mood and color scheme perfectly. On the other hand, you can have an equal amount of success choosing a handbag that is outrageous and a very risky fashion choice. No matter which route you choose to go, here are a few things to consider for specific holidays and summertime events before you head out shopping for the perfect purse.

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend is well known as the first real party of high summer, but the day itself is actually quite somber and emotional for many people in the world. When choosing your handbag for Memorial Day, make sure you’re considerate of people thinking about their loved ones that have passed. You can treat the rest of the weekend like a party and show off an edgier handbag, but keep Memorial Day itself a little higher class when it comes to your handbag choice.

4th of July

The 4th of July is probably everyone’s favorite summer holiday, and who can really blame them? Good people, good food, and of course some fireworks, you can have a great time in your very own backyard. I like to choose my handbag based on what I need to carry with me. For instance, if I need to carry sunscreen, some sparklers, and the rest of my normal purse contents, my handbag is typically very large. Since I love my country, I always make sure my handbag is red, white, and blue, but I try to make it look as creative as possible within those confines.


Weddings are a really fun time to do whatever you want with your handbag. Most women carry a clutch filled with necessities, but it all depends on the outfit you intend to wear and how formal the wedding is going to be. The only fashion taboo at a wedding is showing up in a white dress, so anything short of that is totally fair game. Feel free to express yourself with rich colors of the summer like bright yellows and oranges or even bright blues and greens. I personally find that the function of your purse or handbag at a wedding is much more important, but fashion is always a primary concern.

No matter what summer event you’ll be attending, some carful thought should lead you to the perfect handbag. Make sure you choose a different handbag for every big event, because that’s half the fun of going in the first place!

What Are the Benefits of a Wedding Website?

With our new technological age, couples no longer have to pack their invitations with information that guests may lose or misplace. A wedding website, while it is a little bit of work to get up and running, is very beneficial to you and your guests in many different ways. There are numerous things that having a wedding website will allow you to do that you would otherwise need to do manually, so there are many benefits to going through the process of setting one up. Here are a few things to consider if you’re on the fence.

Travel Options

If you are having out of town guests, you can include recommended hotels or ones your wedding guests will get a discount at. You may also suggest restaurants for those staying several days, and even different transportation options. You can usually get a much better price if you block out rooms for your wedding guests, plus it will ensure availability during busy seasons.

Share Your Registry

It is easy for guests to find your wedding registry on your website and since it is considered tacky when including the registry with an invitation, this is the best way to tell everyone about it. It may even save you some time on the phone explaining your registry location to everyone.

Introduce the Wedding Party

Not everyone attending the wedding will be acquainted with the people in your wedding party. On the website you can introduce every one of them with their name and a little bit about them, such as how you met. This will help familiarize your party with your guests.

Share Photos

Sharing photos before and after your wedding can be a huge hassle; even though social media has simplified it a great deal. The problem is that almost every one of your guests will have some good pictures on their phone to share, so having a wedding website will allow you to have a central place for everyone to share their photos. That way, if one of your guests snaps a great picture at your reception, you won’t have to spend a ton of time tracking down the photos.

Talk About One Another

Share a story about your partner or your plans for the future! Your guests will love to hear a story they may not have heard before and may want to know a little more about your future husband or wife. Just make sure to keep the stories wholesome, you wouldn’t want your grandmother hearing about you doing keg stands on a vacation!

As you can see, there are many opportunities and features that building a wedding website will open up for you. There are plenty of free places to get one setup quickly, so I suggest you take the extra time to get your very own wedding website setup and reap the benefits of the modern world.