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Including Sparklers

Wedding SparklersSparklers are turning up at a growing segment of weddings, and brides who want things to be very sparkly are heading up the pack. Wedding sparklers can be used for a variety of different functions at your wedding; all of which will benefit the overall glittery feel of your special day. If you are like us, you want everything at your ceremony and reception to be as sparkly and fun as possible. Sparklers are a fantastic way to accomplish this while at the same time making the entire experience even better for your guests.


Photos can be dressed up quite nicely using sparklers. As we all know, weddings are one of the most documented events on film in your life; so adding something like wedding sparklers to the shots can really make things stand out better. Everything from the first dance to the first kiss will be captures in photos, so adding the glittering effects of sparklers to the backdrop can really make those photos sparkle.

Send-Off Lines

Many weddings have send-off lines at the end of the reception, and usually the guests are given some type of favor to make the event more fun. Historically, the items that they were given included rice or birdseed to throw as the couple made their exit. However, if you want the event to sparkle from start to finish, there is no substitute for using sparklers. Using them will make your send-off line a glittering experience for all involved and make the entire party much more fun and exciting.

Favors and Fun

If you want your wedding to have “random” acts of sparkling fun, you can always set a bunch of sparklers out for your guests to use at random. By handing out wedding sparklers as favors, you can create an atmosphere where your guests can make sparklers at any time they choose throughout the affair. Besides just making the event have more glitter action, it also takes care of the need to buy wedding favors.