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Tiaras that Sparkle

When putting together your wedding outfit, your tiara is supposed to compliment your dress and really sparkle in the light. Though many brides consider accessories like their tiara an afterthought to the rest of the outfit, the one you choose can either make or break your entire look. If you are looking for a tiara that really sparkles and will accent your wedding dress perfectly, there are a handful of classic options that you should consider. While your final choice will hinge on the exact style of dress you choose, these styles should give you some initial direction and help you choose what’s right for you.

Winter Snowflake Tiara

Winter Snowflake TiaraThis headpiece is a stunning choice for the winter bride. Pink rhinestone encrusted snowflakes dance along the silver plated band, ending in a silver bead detail at every point. The ornamented portion of the piece measures 9″ wide and 1″ tall and the piece ends in two loops that allow you to fasten it in your hair with bobby pins.

Snow Crystal Swarovski Tiara

Snow Crystal Swarovski TiaraIf you’ve chosen winter wonderland as your wedding theme, then this snowflake tiara is the perfect addition to your wedding attire. This rhinestone tiara includes a Swarovski crystal design that mimics the elegant symmetry of snowflakes. At 9” across and 1 ½” tall at the center peak, this crystal tiara makes you the belle of the ball. End loops secure to your hair to ensure the tiara doesn’t fall off during your special moments. Choose the Rhinestone and Swarovski snowflake tiara for your winter wedding or event today.

What Works for You

Choosing the right style for you is completely a matter of personal taste. The two styles of tiaras listed above are a good fit for nearly any wedding dress and ensemble, but they may not be what suit your personal taste. Make sure you have a good idea of what your dress will look like before you go shopping and you should be able to find the perfect tiara that will sparkle beautifully and also match your outfit.