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Tiaras that Sparkle

When putting together your wedding outfit, your tiara is supposed to compliment your dress and really sparkle in the light. Though many brides consider accessories like their tiara an afterthought to the rest of the outfit, the one you choose can either make or break your entire look. If you are looking for a tiara that really sparkles and will accent your wedding dress perfectly, there are a handful of classic options that you should consider. While your final choice will hinge on the exact style of dress you choose, these styles should give you some initial direction and help you choose what’s right for you.

Winter Snowflake Tiara

Winter Snowflake TiaraThis headpiece is a stunning choice for the winter bride. Pink rhinestone encrusted snowflakes dance along the silver plated band, ending in a silver bead detail at every point. The ornamented portion of the piece measures 9″ wide and 1″ tall and the piece ends in two loops that allow you to fasten it in your hair with bobby pins.

Snow Crystal Swarovski Tiara

Snow Crystal Swarovski TiaraIf you’ve chosen winter wonderland as your wedding theme, then this snowflake tiara is the perfect addition to your wedding attire. This rhinestone tiara includes a Swarovski crystal design that mimics the elegant symmetry of snowflakes. At 9” across and 1 ½” tall at the center peak, this crystal tiara makes you the belle of the ball. End loops secure to your hair to ensure the tiara doesn’t fall off during your special moments. Choose the Rhinestone and Swarovski snowflake tiara for your winter wedding or event today.

What Works for You

Choosing the right style for you is completely a matter of personal taste. The two styles of tiaras listed above are a good fit for nearly any wedding dress and ensemble, but they may not be what suit your personal taste. Make sure you have a good idea of what your dress will look like before you go shopping and you should be able to find the perfect tiara that will sparkle beautifully and also match your outfit.

Fun Sparkly Items for Your Wedding

As you probably know, this entire blog is dedicated to things that glitter, sparkle, and add to the overall “shine” of your wedding. This can range from something as common as a diamond ring to something as fabulous as ruby slippers, but the sky truly is the limit. Below are a few of my favorite sparkly items that I simply adore and think and wedding could benefit from.

Rhinestone and Pearl Bridal Sash Belt

Rhinestone and Pearl Bridal Sash BeltThis sparkly sash will be the perfect finishing touch to your bridal gown or dress for a special event. The sash measures approximately 105″ long, allowing you to tie it in the back. The rhinestone and pearl appliqué measures 17.5″ long by 2.25″ tall and is mounted on 1.5″ wide white satin double face ribbon. The ends of the ribbon have been treated to prevent fraying. If you would like the ribbon to be shortened to a certain length prior to shipping, please don’t hesitate to message me and I will shorten it and retreat the ends.

Crystal Rhinestone Hair Comb

Crystal Rhinestone Hair CombThis very sparkly rhinestone encrusted hair comb will be the perfect accent to your wedding day or special event coiffure. It is perfect for brides, bridesmaids, mothers-of-the-bride, proms, girls celebrating their quince, and more. The comb measures 2.25″ wide by 3″ tall (brooch measures 2″ tall) and is mounted on a silver plated comb. The brooch is made of high quality crystal rhinestones.

Bow-Shaped Clear Rhinestone Silver Headband

Bow-Shaped Clear Rhinestone Silver HeadbandThis headband is made of a clear crystal rhinestone-encrusted appliqué mounted on a silver-plated headband. This headband REALLY shines and sparkles! It will be the finishing touch to your wedding-day or special event hairdo. The sides of the headband can be tucked into your hair so that only the rhinestone piece is showing. Pair this headband with a birdcage veil for a touch of vintage style!

Including Sparklers

Wedding SparklersSparklers are turning up at a growing segment of weddings, and brides who want things to be very sparkly are heading up the pack. Wedding sparklers can be used for a variety of different functions at your wedding; all of which will benefit the overall glittery feel of your special day. If you are like us, you want everything at your ceremony and reception to be as sparkly and fun as possible. Sparklers are a fantastic way to accomplish this while at the same time making the entire experience even better for your guests.


Photos can be dressed up quite nicely using sparklers. As we all know, weddings are one of the most documented events on film in your life; so adding something like wedding sparklers to the shots can really make things stand out better. Everything from the first dance to the first kiss will be captures in photos, so adding the glittering effects of sparklers to the backdrop can really make those photos sparkle.

Send-Off Lines

Many weddings have send-off lines at the end of the reception, and usually the guests are given some type of favor to make the event more fun. Historically, the items that they were given included rice or birdseed to throw as the couple made their exit. However, if you want the event to sparkle from start to finish, there is no substitute for using sparklers. Using them will make your send-off line a glittering experience for all involved and make the entire party much more fun and exciting.

Favors and Fun

If you want your wedding to have “random” acts of sparkling fun, you can always set a bunch of sparklers out for your guests to use at random. By handing out wedding sparklers as favors, you can create an atmosphere where your guests can make sparklers at any time they choose throughout the affair. Besides just making the event have more glitter action, it also takes care of the need to buy wedding favors.

Glittering Champagne

ChampagneChampagne is a staple beverage at every wedding celebration, and most people would concur that it already has sparkling properties of its own. Not just because it’s known as “sparkling wine”, mind you, but because of the way it reflects light and actually appears to be glittering as the bubbles flow along the edge of the glass. Champagne is used all over at wedding receptions from the first toast for the couple to kiss to the guests tapping on the glass to incite them to kiss again and again.

Sticking with the theme of our blog, there are even more ways to make your champagne sparkle brightly. As I said before, it already does a pretty good job all by itself; but “supercharging” this effect can only make the deliciousness better.

Adding Edible Glitter

Edible glitter is a great way to make your champagne sparkle even more than it already does. Simply sprinkle a little glitter into each of your champagne flutes before you pour in the champagne and enjoy the fun. The glitter will float suspended in the champagne, and it will look amazing in photographs and to the naked eye.

Light-Up Champagne Flutes

Another way to highlight the glittering effects is to hand out light-up champagne flutes to your guests. There are several options available for light-up champagne glasses including a variety of different colors and even ones that alternate colors in a specific pattern. The alternating ones are the best for a sparkling effect because the dancing lights are marvelous in their own right.

Diamond in the Glass

We have all seen it in the movies. A guy drops a ring into the bottom of the champagne glass, proposes a toast, and in the process he is proposing marriage. This is actually a risky idea because of the obvious choking risk (not to mention the expense). However, you can buy plastic champagne flutes that have a ring “built-in” to the bottom to create the illusion. Though it isn’t the same as giving real diamond rings to all of your guests, it certainly adds some fun sparkle to your reception.

Sparkly Items

Sparkly ItemsWeddings are a time to shine and express your glowing personality, and nothing does that better than items that sparkle. Everything from the sequins on your wedding dress and shoes to the rock on your finger are sparkling tributes to the celebration you are undertaking. For everything that glitters or sparkles at your wedding ceremony and reception, we have created this website.

Our blog is dedicated to discovering and discussing thins that sparkle and can be used as part of your wedding. Whether it is something as simple as a diamond ring or as complex as champagne with edible sparkles suspended in the liquid, we will attempt to leave no stone unturned. We will be adding new ideas and product reviews on a very regular basis, so feel free to check back often during your wedding planning endeavors.

Thank you to all of our readers, and we hope you have an amazing wedding with plenty of sparklers and splendor!