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Glittering Champagne

ChampagneChampagne is a staple beverage at every wedding celebration, and most people would concur that it already has sparkling properties of its own. Not just because it’s known as “sparkling wine”, mind you, but because of the way it reflects light and actually appears to be glittering as the bubbles flow along the edge of the glass. Champagne is used all over at wedding receptions from the first toast for the couple to kiss to the guests tapping on the glass to incite them to kiss again and again.

Sticking with the theme of our blog, there are even more ways to make your champagne sparkle brightly. As I said before, it already does a pretty good job all by itself; but “supercharging” this effect can only make the deliciousness better.

Adding Edible Glitter

Edible glitter is a great way to make your champagne sparkle even more than it already does. Simply sprinkle a little glitter into each of your champagne flutes before you pour in the champagne and enjoy the fun. The glitter will float suspended in the champagne, and it will look amazing in photographs and to the naked eye.

Light-Up Champagne Flutes

Another way to highlight the glittering effects is to hand out light-up champagne flutes to your guests. There are several options available for light-up champagne glasses including a variety of different colors and even ones that alternate colors in a specific pattern. The alternating ones are the best for a sparkling effect because the dancing lights are marvelous in their own right.

Diamond in the Glass

We have all seen it in the movies. A guy drops a ring into the bottom of the champagne glass, proposes a toast, and in the process he is proposing marriage. This is actually a risky idea because of the obvious choking risk (not to mention the expense). However, you can buy plastic champagne flutes that have a ring “built-in” to the bottom to create the illusion. Though it isn’t the same as giving real diamond rings to all of your guests, it certainly adds some fun sparkle to your reception.